By now you are two months into your 2019 plan. Where did your employee and customer data privacy fit into that plan? Was your concern for protecting them a top initiative? Is it something that you and your executive team discussed, or are you just leaving that to your technology team to handle?

According to Javelin Strategy & Research, just 28% of consumers feel they have control over the way companies use and share their data and three-quarters (75%) support stronger privacy regulations.

While consumers continue to demand stronger privacy regulations and are looking for ways to be in control of their own data, it is no longer a question of whether you should offer identity protection, but what should that program look like.

There are a number of identity protection service providers, all of them with a sole mission to help protect personal, financial, business and social identities. However, these organizations are not all the same. Some are focused on credit (the credit bureaus), some on resolution after a breach, and others only sell their services direct to consumers. However, there is a niche of service providers that go to market through businesses and employers. To fragment things even more, those that specialize in benefits programs for employers are not necessarily focused on delivering low cost, high value wholesale programs for financial institutions, insurance companies or associations.

Don’t let this complexity stop you from taking a step toward putting your employees, customers and community back in control. Let KII Consulting help.

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