Strategic Consultant in Identity Protection Solutions

KII Consulting, Inc. works closely with clients as a strategic partner and trusted advisor that offers unique value to clients in customizing solutions in the identity protection space.

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KII Consulting

Consulting Services

KII Consulting, Inc. works closely with clients as a strategic partner and trusted advisor that offers unique value to clients in customizing solutions in the identity protection space.

Private Wealth Protection

Take care of your Private Wealth clients by providing the tools they need to proactively secure their personal and financial assets. A Private Wealth Recovery Specialist will be dedicated to their recovery in the event of identity theft. 

Speaking & Training

KII Consulting supports organizations by speaking and educating on the best practices in safeguarding ones identity from malicious acts and exposures. Learn how to best protect one’s identity and how to detect and mitigate attacks when one falls victim. Gain insight into the trends of today and threats of tomorrow.

What we offer

Why KII Consulting

Industry Experts

Our team has 15 year of experience within the identity protection solutions space. KII Consulting has experience from both the provider and the solutions brokerage side, and enjoys leveraging all of that experience to help craft the solutions to help organizations to meet their needs.

On-Going Client Support

The KII Consulting Team supports the entire partnership from initial engagement, due diligence, implementation, solution launch to client relationship, management and growth.

Carrier Agnostic

While each market provider drastically varies in capabilities and niche, KII Consulting is committed to finding the ideal partner for your organization based on you culture, goals, budget, and business needs.

100% Client Satisfaction

KII Consulting has amassed a client list of organizations in the United States in Canada. We are proud to say we boast a 100% client satisfaction rating! 

Why work with

KII Consulting


The Threat of Identity Theft Is Growing

As more and more people use the internet each day, the threat of identity theft is rising worldwide. 


Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Your employees or clients are your most valuable asset. Give them the protection they deserve and the peace of mind they need.


A Trusted Partner In Growth

Leverage the 15 years of expertise that KII Consulting, Inc. can offer in developing your strategy for growth. Your employees and customers will enjoy peace of mind, while you meet critical business needs.


What Others Say

Credit Union Executive

“KII Consulting and team was fantastic! They worked with our credit union from discovering our need, to selecting a perfect partner and then implementing a great product. All along the process, KII listened, advised and educated us on all of our options. If you’re looking for a quality consultant that will find the right provider for your organization, I highly recommend the KII Consulting!”

Private Wealth Company

“With an industry so fluid, KII Consulting’s expertise and ability to answer any industry related questions made it simple for us choose the right partner to provide this service for our clients. It’s rare that you come across a company like KII Consulting who can understand both the business and provider side while remaining neutral. The team is very positive and an absolute joy to work with.”

Leading Identity Protection Provider

“I have worked with KII Consulting for over nine years and they continue to impress me with their knowledge within the information security space. They are wonderful with clients in directing them to the best solution and is extremely responsive to requests. Their ability to strategize solutions, deployment, timing and cost savings is second to none.”

Global Practice Leader, Privacy Management

“If you’re looking for a seasoned professional to assist you in the area of identity theft and other cyber security issues you need to look no further. In my position as Global Practice Leader, Privacy Management for Aon, I’ve worked with most of the major companies and consider KII Consulting to be one of, if not the best in the business.”

United States-based, non-profit, membership organization

“We introduced an ID Theft Protection Program in 2014 as a company paid benefit for our entire staff. Shortly after we launched the program our health insurance provider was hit with a data breach.  The program offers peace of mind to our staff because we know our ID’s are constantly being monitored for fraud and we know we have support if we become a victim.”

International Labor Union Organization

“Working with Kate Kortsch and KII Consulting is always a pleasure. Kate is extremely professional and responsive and goes above and beyond to ensure that all your questions are answered and all your needs are met as quickly as possible. She’s an expert in the field of identity theft protection and a true partner in our quest to provide benefits that our members need and value.”

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