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Consulting Services

KII Consulting is an expert in designing cyber wellness solutions that protect employees, clients, and organizations.  We customize strategies based upon your organizations goals and objectives and transform them into solutions. 

Private Client Protection

KII Consulting provides white glove, one-on-one attention and 24/7 premier support to your high-net worth clients.  We offer two solutions: preventative and post-victim of identity theft.  In the event of fraudulent activity, we work on the client’s behalf to restore their identity to pre-theft status while instilling measures to help protect from future incidences. 

Our partnership provides a confident resource to the advisor while upholding the client’s privacy, trust, and security. 

relationship checking

Relationship Checking

We customize solutions that enhance relationships with your customers that generate non-interest income, loyalty, educate, provide value, increase loan volume and peace of mind.

Transform your customer’s experience by providing benefits that inclulde security, lifestyle enhancements and savings that your customers will use.

Speaking & Training

85% of hackers named humans as the biggest security weakness.  KII Consulting supports organizations by teaching best practices in safeguarding one’s identity from malicious acts and exposures.  We share current trends and threats that will help empower your team to protect themselves from fraud.

cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance

We have the ability to review every aspect of your operation and work to mitigate threats at all levels. Partnering with your management team, we can examine processes, procedures, and documents that are key to the function of your organization. Then we can map our findings against proven best practices to uncover areas of potential exposure and liability and measure your capacity for risk and its effect on the type and scope of coverage you require.

Our team are specialists are ready to work with you to help ensure the exact coverage you need. We’ll learn your business and recommend smart ways to keep your workplace, people, products, and processes more secure.

What we offer

Why KII Consulting

Industry Experts

Our team has 17 year of experience within the cyber wellness solutions space. KII Consulting has experience from both the provider and the solutions brokerage side, and enjoys leveraging all of that experience to help craft the solutions to help organizations to meet their needs.

On-Going Client Support

The KII Consulting Team supports the entire partnership from initial engagement, due diligence, implementation, solution launch to client relationship, management and growth.

Carrier Agnostic

While each market provider drastically varies in capabilities and niche, KII Consulting is committed to finding the ideal partner for your organization based on you culture, goals, budget, and business needs.

100% Client Satisfaction

KII Consulting has amassed a client list of organizations in the United States in Canada. We are proud to say we boast a 100% client satisfaction rating!