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Strategic Consulting

KII Consulting is a strategic partner that will guide your company or organization to the right identity theft solution. We are industry neutral and will work tirelessly on your behalf to find the right solution for your employees or members.

Private Wealth Protection

Take care of your Private Wealth clients by providing the tools they need to proactively secure their personal and financial assets. 

Professional Speaking & Training

KII Consulting supports organizations by speaking and educating on the best practices in safeguarding ones identity from malicious acts and exposures. Learn how to best protect one’s identity and how to detect and mitigate attacks when one falls victim. Gain insight into the trends of today and threats of tomorrow.

Needs Assessment

Let us start with a complimentary needs assessment to determine if an identity protection solution is right for your organization. 

What we offer

Why KII Consulting

Industry Experts

Our team has 15 year of experience within the identity protection solutions space. KII Consulting has experience from both the provider and the solutions brokerage side, and enjoys leveraging all of that experience to help craft the solutions to help organizations to meet their needs.

On-Going Client Support

The KII Consulting Team supports the entire partnership from initial engagement, due diligence, implementation, solution launch to client relationship, management and growth.

Carrier Agnostic

While each market provider drastically varies in capabilities and niche, KII Consulting is committed to finding the ideal partner for your organization based on you culture, goals, budget, and business needs.

100% Client Satisfaction

KII Consulting has amassed a client list of organizations in the United States in Canada. We are proud to say we boast a 100% client satisfaction rating!