We all seem to carry with us this idealistic point of view around the holidays. We want to see the best in everyone and our trust meter is high. That is the way it should be. But do so with a little bit of caution. Here are a few simple tips you can follow this holiday season. A little bit of due diligence and we can keep those rose-colored glasses on for the holidays!

  1. Use secure passwords on all devices

Remember that your phones and computers can be gateways to your personal information, so make sure they are protected with strong passwords.

  1. Look for https:// when shopping online

The S in HTTPS – stands for SECURE – look for it! Make sure you are doing business with a reputable company. The website must be secure, and double check to make sure the company has an easy way to contact them if something does go wrong. Don’t find yourself with funds gone, and no company to call.

  1. Limit how much you share

Over-sharing is tempting, stick to the highlights – your family and friends already know the juicy details. Social engineering is a growing problem, let’s stop making it so easy for the criminals to learn about how to scam us.

  1. Consider credit over debit

Debit cards immediately withdraw money from your account and don’t offer the same level of protection as credit cards. Credit cards companies monitor suspicious activity and may be able to put a stop to fraudulent charges. (make sure you have that turned on)

  1. Use a secure network

It is tempting to jump on free wifi’s. Don’t do it. You are opening up access to your computer and therefore your private information.

  1. Check your statements and credit reports

Always check over your credit card statements and credit reports, especially during the holidays when your spending is up.

  1. Consider Identity Protection

Identity Protection can deliver a great deal of peace of mind, but keep in mind that not all tools are the same. There are a number of protection providers, all with different areas of focus. Are you looking for resolution for your high value clients? Are you looking for employee benefits? Or are you just looking for personal protection for yourself? My gift to you this holiday season – rely on me as your strategic consultant and partner.

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