It’s been 365 days since the last resolution
Lose weight, be a better person, and all that other noise pollution
This year’s going to be different, I really mean it this time
Less TikTok videos and more watching my nickels and dime
My friends at KII Consulting warned me of the sneaky cybercriminal
Protect yourself was the message delivered in subliminal
They’re not like other monsters that are found under a children’s bed
But live in a scarier, more mysterious, and invisible place called the Dark Web
This is where your birth date, passwords, emails, and numbers of social security roam
Oh, and everything else you saved on your computer and your super smart iPhone
Kate says just like you protect your hands from the cold by wearing mittens of woolen
You should take great care of your PII to avoid your identity from being stolen
Unlike my abs, your passwords should be hard
Shred your junk mail before you discard
Use separate email addresses, like one for your bank account and one for your Amazon
Two-factor authentication, special characters, the color of your sister’s dress she wore to prom
Beware of callers posing as debt collectors from the IRS
All of their correspondence is in written form and mailed to your home address
They even tinker and toy and mess with gift cards you buy for friends
Beware of scratched-off codes, buy from trusted merchants, do your diligence before you send
The Social Security Administration has suspended your number  
Your car’s extended warranty expired as you were deep in slumber
If you fail to lose weight, or stop smoking or run 5 miles a day
Then resolve to keep your Personally Identifiable Information safe and locked away
Let’s keep our identity ours and protect our data from thieves we cannot see
Hang up on the scammers so we can have a safe and healthy 2023